Several committees help the IAA Foundation meet fundraising goals each year. These committees play a vital role in implementing fundraising programs and raising funds.

The Coalition's members include key executives or leaders of high profile agriculture organizations, agribusiness, food companies, education, and the IAA Foundation. Its focus is to identify sources of funding for the growing IAITC program.

  • Chair - N. Duane Noland, Association of Illinois Electric Cooperatives
  • Bill Davisson, GROWMARK
  • Greg Webb, Archer Daniels Midland Co.
  • Roger Bushue, Aventine Renewable Energy
  • Steve Sproull, Cargill
  • Tom Jennings, Illinois Department of Agriculture
  • Gerald Thompson, Illinois Farm Bureau/IAA Foundation
  • Mindy Whittle, Monsanto
  • Max Armstrong, WGN Radio & Farm Progress
  • Ed Mullins, Prairie Farms Dairy
  • John Sullivan, State Senator
  • Lyle Roberts, Illinois Soybean Association
  • Mike Massie, Illinois Committee for Agricultural Education (ICAE)

The Council is comprised of staff from organizations that commit to the concept of pooling existing programs, funds, and resources as well as shared future vision of a unified Illinois AITC program of work. This working group reviews and prioritizes recommendations to the IAA Foundation for short and long term IAITC programs of work.

  • Jay Runner, Facilitating Coordination in Ag Education
  • Cimeron Frost, Illinois Beef Association
  • Connie Niemann, Macoupin County Ag Education
  • Karen Fraase, Illinois Department of Agriculture
  • Amy Roady, Illinois Soybean Association
  • Tricia Braid-Terry, Illinois Corn Growers Association/Illinois Corn Marketing Board
  • Lisa Muirheid Martin, Illinois Fertilizer and Chemical Association
  • Steve Stierwalt, Earth Partners
  • Stacy Stremsterfer, Illinois Association of Soil and Water
  • Erin Cleary, Illinois Pork Producers Association
  • Karen Schmitt, Midwest Dairy Association
  • Gerald Thompson, Illinois Farm Bureau/IAA Foundation

Chair – Steve Wentworth, Maroa, IL

The golf outing committee plans and hosts an annual golf outing held in Pontiac, IL, which hosts over 200 golfers and raises funds for IAITC.


Committee Chairman:

  • Roger Tornow, Illinois Farm Bureau
  • Jennifer Smith, Illinois Farm Bureau. Race questions?
  • Volunteer Coordinator: :

  • Jessica Denny, COUNTRY Financial Volunteer questions?

  • Geneva Aberle, Illinois Farm Bureau
  • Sue Chinowth, Illinois Farm Bureau
  • Alan Dodds, Illinois Farm Bureau
  • Bob Dyer, Illinois Farm Bureau
  • Bill Hahm, COUNTRY Financial
  • John Kastigar, COUNTRY Financial (retired)
  • Brian Nelsen, COUNTRY Financial
  • Tamara Nelsen, Illinois Farm Bureau
  • Brian Raddenbach, Illinois Farm Bureau
  • Mike Swartz, McLean County Farm Bureau
  • Andrea Tanner, COUNTRY Financial
  • Heather Thompson, GROWMARK
  • Sean Wells, IAA Credit Union
  • Gordon Whitmar, Illinois Farm Bureau

  • Susan Moore, Director of the IAA Foundation
  • Kevin Daugherty, IAITC Director
  • Jackie Jones, IAITC Supervisor, Education Programs
  • Laura Miller, IAITC Education Specialist
  • Danny Mielneczek, IAITC Education Specialist
  • To learn more about the 5K Grow & Go, click here All proceeds from this fundraiser benefit Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom (IAITC).

The Fundraising Commission assists with fund raising on behalf of the Foundation.

  • Glenn Meyer
  • Alan Dale
  • John White, Jr., Chair
  • John Beatty
  • William Kelch
  • Joseph Sanek
  • Diane Truckenbrod
  • Steve Wentworth

The Board of Trustees-Emeritus is an elite group of dedicated and experienced Illinois agricultural leaders who lend their support to the Foundation’s success.

  • Kenneth P. Baer
  • F. Wayne Baughman
  • Vernal Brown
  • Virginia Darr
  • Kenneth Gorden
  • Gordon Jameson
  • Robert Koeller
  • William Mathena
  • Allan McCabe
  • Don Peasley
  • Enid Schlipf
  • Howard A. Schoenholz, Sr.
  • Katherine A. Webb
  • James D. Schielein
  • Randal K. Schleich