A L e g a c y R e m e m b e r e d . . .
Jean Roberts, the daughter of James
and Maude Roberts, was born August
21, 1918 in rural McLean, Illinois. Her
parents purchased the farm when she
was five years old. Jean dedicated
much of her life to caring for the farm
and its animals.
Jean's love of animals
blossomed from a young age
In a final act of
generosity, Jean
left her active
family farm to
the IAA
As Illinois State Fair Secretary,
Jean played an important role
for Illinois Agriculture. She
retired from this position where
she enjoyed the work and her
Jean and her father had a shared interest in agriculture
heritage. They served together on the board of directors
for the Central Illinois Thresherman's Association.
Jean married Jesse Stubblefield in
1966. They enjoyed life together, and
a shared bond for farming. Jesse
passed away in 1977.
Jean was dedicated to the family farm her
entire life. Her lasting tribute ensures that
her family farm will continue for
generations to come.
Jean Stubblefield Farm
We thank Jean for this
transformational gift
to benefit