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Supporting farm families and the future of the agriculture industry are the top priorities of the IAA Foundation. One of the main ways we show this support is by funding the Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom (IAITC) program. Teaching the importance of agriculture is not an easy task. It takes time and money to make a significant difference! Will you join the growing list of people dedicated to this cause?

Your contribution to IAITC will ensure that:

  • Teachers will have access to free resources and lessons to incorporate into their own curriculum to help educate more students about agriculture all year long!
  • More teachers will be able to participate in Summer Agricultural Institutes where they will gain a new understanding and appreciation for agriculture, and then pass that excitement on to their students!
  • More students in grades preK-12 will be positively impacted by the Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom message.

In addition to funding Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom, the IAA Foundation is dedicated to helping meet the financial needs of farm families, especially when it comes to education. We continue to grow a robust scholarship program, helping more and more students each year fund their future in agriculture.

Your contribution to IAA Foundation general funds will ensure that:

  • Farm families have access to financial support to assist in the ever-growing expenses it takes to send their children to college.
  • Continued research and progressive study at the graduate level helps meet the ever changing needs of the agriculture industry.
  • The IAA Foundation can grow and adapt to the diverse needs and issues facing farm families and agriculture in Illinois.

Thank you for making a difference!