Frequently Asked Questions


Each year’s application period runs from Dec 1 through Feb 1. All eligibility detail and applications will be available online on that date, and all materials must be completed and submitted online by February 1st.

Each year the IAA Foundation scholarships are announced in FarmWeek, the weekly Illinois Farm Bureau news publication, as well as on RFD radio.

In order to direct you to the right application within the system, you need to reply “yes” to the are you a student question. This will trigger your scholarship application to launch.

Yes, but you can only receive one.

  • How do I know which scholarships I am eligible for? Show Answer

Please carefully read general eligibility and specific eligibility for each scholarship. After you complete the eligibility form, it will state that your award is the IAA Foundation Scholarships. This includes all scholarships offered by the IAA Foundation. As you begin to fill out the application, your responses will automatically determine the scholarships you are eligible for based on your answers. If you think you qualify for a particular scholarship that asks for additional information (like your Farm Bureau member number, Prairie Farms Dairy employment, or extra essays,) be sure to fill out that information. You will not be considered eligible unless you complete the corresponding information. If NO SCHOLARSHIPS APPEAR in the eligibility section once you have completed the section, you are not eligible for any scholarships offered by the IAA Foundation.


  • Can I save the application and work on it later? Show Answer

Once you have started the online application, you may save and continue your work at a later time. You must provide a login and password that you will continue to use each time you visit the site. You are encouraged to bookmark the application site. To save your information, click on “Save and Continue to Next Page” located at the bottom of every section.

  • How do I ensure I’ve completed the entire application? Show Answer

You will see a progress list on the top right side of the main application screen. You will also see multiple sections of the document that will either read “Start”, In-Progress” or “Complete” If a section is not required, it will be noted. All required sections must be complete before you can submit the application.

  • Can I make changes once my application has been submitted? Show Answer

No. Once you click “Submit” you can no longer go in to make edits. Please ensure all information is complete and accurate prior to submitting.


No, you may submit a copy of your official transcript. Due to cost incurred to the students for each purchase, and confusion related to electronic transcripts, we have chosen to update our requirements.

  • Do I have to include transcripts for high school if I am already attending college? Show Answer

If you are entering your Freshman or Sophomore year of college, then yes, you must include a copy of an official transcript.

No, all documents should be uploaded directly into the application. Therefore a pdf or copy of an official transcript is accepted.

  • My high school offered dual credit or college credit classes at our high school location. Do I still need a separate college transcript for those classes? Show Answer


  • I am a freshman in college. Do I need to supply college transcripts? Show Answer

Yes, we will need to see a copy of an official transcript of your first semester as well as your high school transcript.

  • I am a Graduate student with a completed Undergraduate degree. Do I need to provide a high school transcript? Show Answer

No, after completing an undergraduate degree, you need only supply a complete, official transcript from the college or university where you received your degree. If you attended more than one college before you received your degree, we will need transcripts from all schools attended.

  • What is an accredited post-secondary institution? Show Answer

Any college, university, community college or trade school that has been recognized as maintaining specified standards. Accreditation is a voluntary, independent review of educational programs to determine that the education provided is of uniform and sound quality. Being awarded accreditation ensures that an institution has been evaluated and that it met set standards of quality determined by the accrediting organization granting the accreditation. A college or university's accreditation is maintained by continued adherence to the set criteria.

ACT & SAT Scores

If you have not taken the ACT and have your SAT scores, use the conversion calculator at this site to find your ACT score:


  • Do I need to fill out the Activities Template? Show Answer

Yes, this is a requirement.


The application no longer requires reference letters, and instead allows optional points for a signature of endorsement.

You will enter the email contact information for the person you are requesting to complete an endorsement. That person will receive an email from Illinois Farm Bureau, which will state your name and that you are requesting an endorsement for your application. The endorser will be given a link to create a simple sign in which will then direct them to a simple form to complete an endorsement signature on your behalf. They will also be able to review a PDF copy of your application, but will not be able to make any changes. Once the endorser has completed the process, your application status page will change from “in-progress” to “complete” Keep in mind this must be completed by the February 1st deadline, so leave ample time to send your endorsement request. These points are optional.

No. An endorsement is valued at five points. An endorsement from your home County Farm Bureau Manager is valued at ten points.

  • How do I locate my local County Farm Bureau Manager? Show Answer

A listing of all Illinois County Farm Bureau Managers can be found here.

  • I am not a Farm Bureau member, and my scholarship does not require this for eligibility. Do I still need to make this request for full points value? Show Answer

No, if Farm Bureau membership is NOT a requirement for your scholarship (Illinois Soybean Checkoff Scholarship, and St. Louis District Dairy Council) you will receive 10 points for any completed endorsement.


  • I am over 18, do my parents still need to sign the application release form? Show Answer

No. Your signature will be sufficient.

  • Why is there a second signature line on the release? Show Answer

In an effort to highlight recipients and help solicit funds to offer more scholarships, we may use quotes from essays, general statistical data, and/or request a photo. You are not required to say YES to this second consent. It has no bearing on your application.


  • Will I receive notification that you received my application? Show Answer

Yes, you will receive a confirmation email once your application has been submitted. It is suggested that you download and save a PDF copy of the full application your records.

  • When will the scholarship winners be announced? Show Answer

Scholarship recipients are announced in late April. Letters will go out to both the recipients and non-recipients before the announcement on our website and in FarmWeek.

  • If I do receive a scholarship, when will the checks be sent out? Show Answer

Scholarship checks will be sent out to the recipient’s school by the first week in July and will be distributed equally during both semesters.

  • Can the check be sent to me directly if I am a recipient? Show Answer

No, funds must be sent directly to your school.


Information is also available at your county Farm Bureau office, by calling the IAA Foundation office at 309-557-2230, or by emailing