2015 Scholarship Program

Thank you for your interest in the IAA Foundation Scholarship Program.  We offer a number of scholarships through one application.  Each link below provides you the details needed to determine eligibility, and navigate the application process.   

  • Application is in a fillable PDF format.  You may save to your computer to complete. 
  • Use the separate fillable activities template for section 3 of the application.
  • Prior to mailing your application, all applicants filling out the general scholarship application MUST SUBMIT THE INTENT TO APPLY ONLINE FORM FOUND BELOW
  • The Intent to Apply form includes information found on the front page of the scholarship application.  By pre-submitting this information online, it allows Foundation staff to more expediently process the applications for review.  Please continue to fill out and mail the hard copy cover information as well.  Thank you. 

IAA Foundation Scholarships

Fletcher A. Gourley, Leonard Southwell and Roger Capps Memorial Scholarships
Prairie Farms Dairy Scholarship Program

Please note the Prairie Farms Dairy Application is now part of the IAA Foundation General Scholarship application.  See documents above. 

In addition to the scholarships found in our General Application, the IAA Foundation offers two additional programs that require separate applications. 

Illinois Soybean Association Crop Science Scholarships