Saluting Agriculture License Plates

Pride for agriculture. Support for education. 

IL Ag License Plate Mockup

Have you spotted Saluting Agriculture plates on the road? Ever wonder about the story behind them?

In 2007, Illinois Farm Bureau staff and leadership began the ambitious project to petition the state of Illinois for a specialty plate paying homage to our rich agricultural heritage. As a result of this effort, the first Ag Plate rolled out in 2009.

Impact for generations

Thanks to this partnership with the state of Illinois, a portion of the funds from each purchase and renewal of an Ag Plate are directed to the IAA Foundation, and used to support the Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom program. To date, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been donated, and hundreds of thousands of young students have learned more about agriculture, thanks to this partnership.

Ordering Information

If you are interested in getting an Ag Plate, please visit the Illinois Secretary of State Website and select "specialty" in the dropdown.