Meet our Scholarship Recipients

Proudly investing in your future. 

In alignment with our mission to support Illinois farm families and the future of agriculture through education, the IAA Foundation is pleased to share the 2022 scholarship recipients. 

Seventy-seven students were selected to receive scholarships based on their academic achievement, participation and leadership in school and community organizations, and overall commitment to success. A total of $138,000 will be distributed to assist with tuition costs for the 2022-2023 school year. The Foundation received 340 applications this year, representing 87 counties from across the state of Illinois. 

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our 2022 Scholarship Recipients! It is an honor and a privilege to support deserving students through our diverse scholarship program. 

2022 IAA Foundation Scholars

Picture of Barbara Close

Barbara Close, Mercer County

Barbara is from Reynolds, IL. The daughter of Greg and Brenda Close, Barbara will be a junior at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, majoring in Agricultural and Consumer Economics. 


Picture of Jada Davis

Jada Davis, Champaign County

The daughter of Scott and SaLena Davis, Jada will be a junior majoring in Crop Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Jada is from Homer, IL. 

Picture of Jordyn Gerlach

Jordyn Gerlach, Montgomery County 

From Waggoner, IL, Jordyn is the daughter of Eric and Angela Gerlach. Entering her sophomore year at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Jordyn is majoring in Animal Science. 

Picture of Paige Lemenager

Paige Lemenager, McLean County

Paige is an Agricultural Law major who will be a freshman at Lake Land College. From Hudson, IL, Paige is the daughter of Luke and Stacy Lemenager. 

Picture of Chelsea Ochs

Chelsea Ochs, Richland County

In the Name of Robert F. Rouse:

Picture of Devin Koester

Devin Koester, JoDaviess County 

In the Name of Fletcher A. Gourley and Leonard Southwell:

Picture of Molly Forbes

Molly Forbes, McLean County

Picture of Ava Marshall

Ava Marshall, LaSalle County

Picture of Shelby Basham

Shelby Basham, Iroquois County

Picture of Riley Bergmann

Riley Bergmann, Washington County

Picture of Olivia Charles

Olivia Charles, Carroll County

Picture of Katelyn Engel

Katelyn Engel, Knox County

Picture of Adalaide Linehan

Adalaide Linehan, McDonough County 

Picture of Brodee McCormick

Brodee McCormick, Menard County

Picture of Taylor Talbert

Taylor Talbert, Iroquois County

Picture of Margaret Vaessen

Margaret Vaessen, Lee County

Picture of Thomas Stamberger

Thomas Stamberger, Bureau County 

Picture of Donovan Chester

Donovan Chester, Douglas County

Picture of Taylor Hartke

Taylor Hartke, Effingham County 

Picture of Emily Von Bokel

Emily Von Bokel, Clinton County

Picture of Abigail Hoeft

Abigail Hoeft, McLean County 

Picture of Maria Brockamp

Maria Brockamp, Christian County

Picture of Johanna Hooten
Johanna Hooten
, Randolph County

Picture of Carissa Jefferson

Carissa Jefferson, Wayne County 

Picture of Loren Koenigstein 

Loren Koenigstein, Monroe County

 Picture of Reagan Kulenkamp

Reagan Kulenkamp, Macoupin County

Picture of Tanner Mickey

Tanner Mickey, Christian County 

 Picture of Bree Portz

Bree Portz, Washington County 

 Picture of Sara Smallwood

Sara Smallwood, Clark County

 Picture of Ada Tappendorf

Ada Tappendorf, Effingham County

Picture of Quinn Gajewski

Quinn Gajewski, Jefferson County

Picture of Sheridan Hank

Sheridan Hank, Mercer County

Picture of Arianna Sprenger

Arianna Sprenger, Lake County

Picture of Miann Barr

Miann Barr, Waukon, Iowa

Picture of Cole Fishel

Cole Fishel, Edwards County

Picture of Zackary Jolley

Zackary Jolley, West Lafayette, Indiana

Picture of Kelsey Knebel

Kelsey Knebel, Madison County

Picture of Callie Lewis

Callie Lewis, Brodhead, Kentucky

Picture of Nathan Lintker

Nathan Lintker, Washington County

Picture of Shana Lueking

Shana Lueking, Clinton County 

Picture of Lizzie Tesar

Lizzie Tesar, Wauzeka, Wisconsin

Picture of Samuel Vonderheide

Samuel Vonderheide, Shelby County

Picture of Travis Wilke

Travis Wilke, Richland County

Picture of Hunter Williamette

Hunter Williamette, Faribault, Minnesota

Picture of Rose Zehr

Rose Zehr, Livingston County

Picture of Jenna Spangler

Jenna Spangler, Fulton County

Picture of Elaina Kessler

Elaina Kessler, Clay County

Picture of Caden Cockburn

Caden Cockburn, Williamson County

Picture of Luke Jesgarz

Luke Jesgarz, Shelby County

Picture of Jennifer Rudolphi

Jennifer Rudolphi, Richland County

Picture of Lizzie Schafer

Lizzie Schafer, Christian County

Picture of Emma Wiseman

Emma Wiseman, Edwards County 

Picture of Lauren McMillan

Lauren McMillan, Bureau County

Picture of Carly Etter

Carly Etter, Clinton County

Picture of Rachel Maue

Rachel Maue, Clinton County

Picture of Andrew Strieker

Andrew Strieker, Clinton County 

Undergraduate Scholarship $1,500:

Picture of Emma Smith

Emma Smith, Grundy County


Veterinary Medicine Scholarship $3,000:

 Picture of Justin Huff

Justin Huff, Iroquois County

Picture of Adam Swartzendruber

Adam Swartzendruber, Tazewell County

Picture of Riley Nebel

Riley Nebel, Lake County

Picture of David Mock

David Mock, Henry County 

Scholarships for Incoming Freshman $1,000:

Picture of Olivia Brumleve

Olivia Brumleve, Union County

Picture of Hannah Maher

Hannah Maher, Henry County


Scholarships for Incoming Juniors $2,500:

Picture of Mackenzie Harmon

Mackenzie Harmon, Christian County

Picture of Emma Claire Kuhns

Emma Claire Kuhns, Effingham County

Picture of Haley Bucher

Haley Bucher, Tazewell County 

Picture of Sean Koch

Sean Koch, Tazewell County 

Picture of Robert Holtschlag

Robert Holtschlag, Mercer County 

Picture of Maecy Johnson

Maecy Johnson, Edgar County

Picture of Emma Metzger

Emma Metzger, Coles County

Picture of Alexis Mudd

Alexis Mudd, Monroe County

Picture of Grace Pollitt

Grace Pollitt, Schuyler County

Picture of Colby Steber

Colby Steber, Richland County

Picture of Annabelle Schaffnit

Annabelle Schaffnit, Adams County