IAA Foundation Fellowships

You're taking an important step to continued success!  

The IAA Foundation endeavors to enhance the future of agriculture by providing college fellowships to Illinois Farm Families, Illinois Farm Bureau members, spouses, or their children who major in agriculture, agribusiness, or an ag-related course of study. The IAA Foundation is pleased to administer fellowships on behalf of agricultural partners and families who wish to support future generations and help assure a well-qualified and professional agricultural workforce in Illinois while supporting farming communities.

Fellowship applications are accepted in the same timeframe as scholarships and use the same application. Additional details can be found on the Apply for College Scholarships page. 

Meet the 2022 IAA Foundation Fellows

Tess Cummings, Iroquois County 
A second-year veterinary student at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine, Tess is hopes to give high quality care to pets and livestock as part of her own practice one day. While highly involved in professional organizations, Tess also maintains her high level academics and works to offset the cost of tuition. 

Valentina Poggi, DuPage County 
A second-year veterinary student at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine, Valentina focuses her research on canine spermatogenesis in hopes of finding less invasive methods neuter dogs. Valentina's focus on academic excellence and passion for the veterinary community are evident.

Daisy Kaplan, Bond County
A Masters degree student at Southern Illinois University- Carbondale, Daisy focuses her research on improving feed efficiency of beef cattle. Outcomes of her research focus on continually improving herd health, while examining factors that affect rumination.